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Sep 19

Sep 11

What if John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe stole a time-traveling DeLorean and teleported to the future to get married?

That’s the burning question answered in Once Upon a Dream, filmmaker J. B. Ghuman Jr.’s new art project. The photo series casts Jason Sellards (a.k.a. Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters) as Kennedy and NYC nightlife legend Amanda Lepore as Monroe.
Shot on location at the Skylark Hotel in Palm Springs (Mr. President and Sugar Kane’s rumored hookup spot) and at the base of the 26-foot-tall Forever Marilyn statue, Once Upon a Dream turns the twosome’s private tragedy into public fantasy: glitter pops, magical lighting crackles, and Marilyn shoots the paparazzi with a gray plastic gun that looks suspiciously like the one I used to play Nintendo’s Duck Hunt.
For Lepore, who says Monroe is an inspiration, it was important to bring joy to the story. “She recreated herself, which most transsexuals can identify with,” Lepore told me. “Marilyn was unhappy being Marilyn, but I’m happy like this. I feel like ‘Marilyn’s Revenge.’”
Make no mistake though: She might be Monroe’s reincarnation, but Lepore is an East Coast woman. “I loved the whole thing since I got to be next to Amanda,” Jake Shears said of the shoot. “Because I was just starting to get a little homesick for New York… and basically Amanda just straight up is New York.”
And the shoot is straight up Ghuman. It reminded me of his 2010 directorial debut, Spork. Like a John Hughes flick from another dimension, Spork followed the travails and triumphs of an intersex girl nicknamed Spork and her dancing neighbor Tootsie Roll. Despite the film’s low budget, Ghuman managed to distil glitter and trash into a sumptuous, whacked-out dreamworld where reality is optional and time is relative—an aesthetic carried through in Once Upon a Dream.
To find out more about Ghuman’s newest vision, I called the director to talk about his Monroe-Kennedy fantasy. {MORE}

Aug 25

@scissorsisters: #TBT Behind the scenes of @MsAnaMatronic's Beige Magazine cover shoot, September 2012.

@scissorsisters:  Behind the scenes of 's Beige Magazine cover shoot, September 2012.

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Aug 10
Happy Sunday!
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Happy Sunday!

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Jul 8


Jake Shears joins Jonny McGovern in the latest episode of Hey Qween!

it so nice to know that jake is aware of how ridiculous he is at times.

Jun 10



May 23
I miss seeing Del

I miss seeing Del

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May 17
Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday!

Apr 10

Apr 7

The bass. The beef. The Babydaddy.


The bass. The beef. The Babydaddy.

Apr 5

Mar 21

Mar 5


realizing I probably shouldn’t have put the song about butt sex on my playlist for work

Feb 20

The results are in folks. Ana is 325% more popular (by standard tumblr measure) than Jake.

Feb 17

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